Power Awards and Accolades

Club Person of the Year 

2011 Darrin Loomis
2010 Mark Lambert
2009 Simon Cox
2008 Peter Chung and Mark Lambert
2007 Peter Chung
Prior Not Awarded


Mark Scott Medal for “Best and Fairest”

2011 Micah Fritz
2010 Wes Edwin
2009 Carlos Santacruz
2008 Mathew Amick
2007 Travis Kistler
Prior Not Awarded


Coach’s Clubman of the Year

2011 Micah Fritz
2010 Neil MacEarchern
2009 David Fritz
2008 Mat Kiefer
2007 Mike Brookshire
Prior Not Awarded


Best First Year Player

2011 Jacob Dupin
2010 Micah Fritz
2009 Jeremy Wilson
2008 Wes Edwin
2007 Matt Unger
Prior Not Awarded


Lifetime Membership

2011 Not Awarded
2010 Travis Statlander
2009 Ryan Richardson and Peter Chung
2008 Not Awarded
2007 Not Awarded
Prior Richard Kirkpatrick

Kansas City Power 2001-2010
Team of the Decade

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