Australian Rules Football

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Footy in the USA

Australian Rules Football is one of the fastest moving and most physically demanding games in the world. Australian Rules Football, or “footy”, is played with the same intensity as the American style of play, but with many differences.

The game is played between two teams of 18 players (plus interchange players), on grassed arenas which vary in size and may be up to 185 meters (200 yards) long;  much larger than those used by other codes of football. The game is also distinguished from other games by the fast, relatively free movement of the ball (partly due to the absence of an offside rule) and the awarding of a free kick for any clean catch – known as a mark – of a ball which has been kicked more than 15 meters. Spectacular high marks, or “spekkies”, long and accurate kicking, fast fluid play and hard hits are the game’s main attributes as a spectator sport. Footy combines the intensity, endurance, and skills set from some of the most elite sports world wide. See for yourself, click the link below!…

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The United States Australian Football League is the sport’s national governing body within the United States. With offices in Denver, the USAFL governs and sanctions competition for more than 35 clubs and 2,000 members across the United States.  USFooty is further divided into three geographic ‘zones’ within the United States: East, Central and West. Competition is played within these zones, culminating in the National Tournament where teams from across the country compete against each other. The USAFL also selects and trains the U.S. Men’s and Women’s National Teams that represent the United States in international competition.

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